Proceso de intercambio

Study-Abroad Process

Your study-abroad process begins now. In this section you will learn the details and stages of your process.



Review the requirements.
Look into possible universities.
Verify majors, language and courses at the possible universities.



Submit your application

Review the documentation using the checklist.
Fill out your online application here.
Fill out the back-up documentation.
Submit all your documents to the Academic Exchange Office on the dates indicated.
Wait for an answer within 15 working days of the application submission deadline.
Constantly check your ITESO e-mail account for notification of the university to which you were admitted, then follow the steps indicated in e-mails that you will receive.


Submit your documentation to the foreign university

Fill out the application from the foreign university and attach the documentation that they request.
Make a copy of the application to the foreign university and the attached documentation that they request.
Submit the original documentation and copies to the Academic Exchange Office.



Wait for an answer

Wait for your acceptance letter from the foreign university.
Review the requirements and procedures to obtain your visa.


What is the next step after being accepted by the foreign university?

Pick up your acceptance letter from the Academic Exchange Office.
Apply for your student visa.
Attend the send-off meeting organized by ITESO.
Fill out the INI form (on your online application).
Wait for the Registrar's Office to approve the courses you marked on the INI form (you can review this on your online application form).
Remember that the INI form is where you sign up for your courses. Do not sign up for courses on the ITESO system (reserved area).
Once you obtain your student visa, purchase your airplane ticket.
Submit a copy of your medical insurance policy to the Academic Exchange Office.



When you arrive at the foreign university

Attend the welcome session, where you will be briefed on the university's rules and processes
When you arrive at the university, verify the availability, schedule and content of the courses. If you intend to make any changes, notify your coordinator with a copy to Lorena Robles for authorization and to register the changes.
Enjoy studying abroad and work hard on your courses to achieve a high academic level!


Before you return

When you finish your courses and classes at the university, check your grades. In case of a mistake, notify immediately.
Ask if there are any procedures you must carry out to have your grades sent back.
If you studied abroad on an Independent Stay , bring your grades back with you. Remember, this is your responsibility, and without your grades we cannot transfer your credits.



When you get back to Guadalajara

Fill out the survey that will be sent to your ITESO e-mail account and write an essay.
Submit the survey and essay to the Academic Exchange Office.
Pick up your Exchange Diploma at the Academic Exchange Office.
Make sure that the courses are uploaded to the system. Keep in mind that it takes an average of 6 months for us to receive your grades.