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International Summer at ITESO

In this section you can browse through the summer courses we have available, as well as the application dates and requirements.

Fechas importantes verano


Hochschule Hof

A summer course about textiles taught entirely in English from July 13 to 31 in the city of Hof, located in the vicinity of Leipzig, Nuremberg and Frankfurt, near the Czech border. The topics covered in the course are: Technical Textile, Innovative Textile Finishing and Sustainable Textile Business. You can find the complete information here.


Deadline: March 13

This organization offers various destinations for 2015 summer courses in Asia, such as Japan, Korea and China. ITESO has collaborated with the organization for some time.

Courses last approximately one month, and each course covers a different area of study. Click here to learn more about the programs.

Briefing and preparation sessions will take place during the spring semester. The next session is on February 26 at 4 pm in the C conference room, central building.


Deadline: April 10

Graz Summer school

This summer course, offered by the University of Graz, is taught at the Seggau Castle, located approximately 45 kilometers south of Graz, and is open for students who are interested in an interdisciplinary approach to global and regional development. The course lasts two weeks and scholarships are available.

Application deadline: February 27

For more information visit:


McGill University

This 2015, take a summer course at one of the best universities in the world: McGill, in Quebec, Canada. This university offers two courses in English: Management in Global Context and Topics in Marketing. For more information visit:

ESSCA – School of Management, Shanghai

This is an opportunity for business students to study at the ESSCA School of Management, Shanghai Campus. ITESO students have the advantage of being exempt from paying the tuition fee. More information available at the Academic Exchange Office and here.

Deadline: April 10


In the AmericaAsia section, there is more information about how to take summer courses in Shanghai in 2015, through the organization America Asia.


Aarhus university

Aarhus University offers summer courses on different topics, including global health, wind energy, journalism, audiovisual arts, political communication, technologies, creativity and diagnosis of plant diseases, among others. Click here for complete information.

Deadline: March 15

Ljubljana Summer School, University of Ljubljana - Faculty of Economics

The University of Ljubljana and its School of Economics offer this summer course in English, with several subjects offered from the course catalogue of both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Review the subjects offered and other information at their site.

Deadline: April 10


Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (Madrid)

The Universidad Pontificia Comillas, founded over a century ago by the Society of Jesus, is one of the most prestigious private universities in Spain. It is backed by a rich humanistic and pedagogical tradition, and is located in the heart of Madrid, near museums, theaters, cultural centers and parks.

For more information about their summer programs click here


University of Almería

The University of Almería (UAL, in its initials in Spanish) is located in southeastern Spain, in the region of Andalusia. It was founded in 1993, and currently has over 13,000 undergraduate and graduate students. Its location, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, provides the campus with an extraordinary setting.

The summer courses are designed by the most renowned experts in the university's leading departments, and are taught by Doctors and Lecturers who are highly recognized in their respective areas of knowledge.

All the courses have a practical focus, and include visits to experimental centers and companies working in the sector. For more information click here

La Salle International Summer School

La Salle University's Ramon Llull School of Architecture, Barcelona Campus, offers a summer program about Mediterranean Architecture (Barcelona, Athens and vicinities), its landscape and culture, through their 2015 Summer Workshop: "Mediterranean Architecture: Athens-Barcelona." For more information click here

Sarriá Chemical Institute

Located in Barcelona, this Jesuit university offers courses in International Business and Introduction to Nanotechnology. For more information click here.

Antonio Nebrija University

This university offers a wide variety of courses, including: "Global competencies", "New scenarios of corporate communications", "Automobile engineering", "Conflict and cooperation in today's world", and "Innovation in the creation of tourist destinations". For more information, visit the Academic Exchange Office.


University Of California Irvine
This university offers many courses related to most majors. Applications must be submitted before March 13, 2015. For more information visit:

ESSCA – School of Management, Angers

The ESSCA Angers summer program focuses on Europe, including courses such as European Politics and European Economics. Part of the course is taught in Brussels, and includes visits to the European Parliament and the European Commission. The last week is spent in Paris.

Deadline: April 10

ESSCA – School of Management, Paris

The ESSCA Paris summer course has a variety of options to focus on, such as "International Luxury Brand Marketing & International Business Management", or "Economic Intelligence & Strategy & Digital Culture, Innovation and New Markets".

Deadline: April 10

ESC Rennes – School of Business

This course is taught in English and focuses on the general topic of Social Responsibility in Business, including subtopics such as CSR and green businesses. This course is open to senior undergraduate students and master's degree students.

This flyer contains all the information.

Deadline: April 1


Purpan is an engineering school located in Toulouse, in southern France. The summer courses they offer are called "Agriculture and Food" and "Viticulture and Enology", and they may or may not include field practices on a farm.

Application deadline: February 27

For more information visit: y here.

IÉSEG – School of Management

IÉSEG offers several options to study in Paris in the summer of 2015:

A) The program "International Summer Academy: Global Business and Management" is taught from the 1st to the 24th of July, with several subjects to choose from. Scholarships are available.

B) "International Fashion Business Summer Program" offers a two-week course (July 6-19) about brand development and positioning, marketing, distribution, advertising and consumer behavior, for students to gain a deeper understanding of the entire process.

C) For master's degree students, this university offers the program "Postgraduate Summer Academy: Responsible & Sustainable Management" taught from July 6 to 19. Scholarships are available.

Application deadline (for all programs): April 10

For more information, click on:     International Summer Academy                       Postgraduate Summer Academy

Telecóm – School of Management

Telecom offers three programs for the summer of 2015:

  1. Management: The European Approach
  2. Information Technology in Europe
  3. Intercultural Management

They all begin with a brief three-day course on French culture, politics and history.

ESSCA – School of Management, Budapest

ESSCA offers a 4-week summer course focusing on marketing and business that could include visits to companies. This program is available only for master's degree students.


University Of Sussex

If you want to experience a summer in England, the University of Sussex is an excellent option due to its wide variety of courses. Find out about the academic offerings, costs and requirements at:


ISEP has several summer programs at the universities that belong to the organization. It is important to mention that the only courses available in the summer are marked with a yellow arrow: "ISEP direct". Here you can find out the courses that ISEP offers.

Deadline: Depending on the program

Istituto Europeo di Design

For the summer of 2015, the IED (European Institute of Design, in its initials in Italian) offers the program Fashion Communication taught in the city of Florence, Italy.


Sacro Cuore Catholic University

Applicants can choose between the Milan and Piacenza campuses, depending on their area of study. Milan offers Business, Media and Communication, and Italian Language and Culture. Piacenza offers Agribusiness and Food Science. For more information, click here.

Deadline: April 10

Polytechnic Institute of Milan

If you study Electronic Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, this Institute offers two intensive courses from July 6 to 30: Fundamentals of Systems and Control; For more information, click here and Automation and Control in Vehicles here.

March 10 is the application deadline for this summer's course.


Jesuit University System (SUJ, in its initials in Spanish).

You can take a summer course as an exchange student at any of the universities that belong to the Jesuit University System of Mexico:

  • • IBERO Mexico City
  • IBERO León
  • Universidad Loyola
  • IBERO Puebla
  • IBERO Tijuana
  • IBERO Torreón

Summer courses at a SUJ university are the only ones where students do not have to arrange for their own independent stay.


Every summer, the Center for International Studies of the College of Mexico invites Social Science students from different universities to take courses in the politics, economy and culture of Mexico and the world.

These courses are taught in Mexico City and last approximately one month.

Univeristy of Oslo

The summer programs offered at this university are for both undergraduate and graduate students, and include topics such as human rights, gender equality, peace and development, international politics, etc. You can find detailed information by clicking here.

Deadline: March 15

Norwegian Business School

This school has several international accreditations, and offers a summer course from June 27 to July 24, 2015. The course is called "Intercultural management: a Scandinavian perspective" you can find the complete information by clicking here.

Deadline: April 10

Linnaeus University

This program is taught from July 6 to August 14 in the city of Kalmar, in southeastern Sweden. It offers courses for undergraduate and graduate students, including: "Sustainable innovation in the building sector", "Creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation – in a Swedish context", "Glass design" and "Discovery of a sustainable Baltic Sea". For more information, click here.

Deadline: February 2